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I Love Being Me...

I love being me. Why not?
Everyone is not perfect but we do have our own good value.  There are infinite reasons to love yourselves. 
I was born in a moderate family. But I felt very lucky to have a great family. My family members consist of me, my father, mother, elder sister and brother and also younger sister and brother.  Well you can say that I am lucky! Yes I am and I am grateful of that.
For me one of the key to happiness is family. Family provides eternal love to you no matter how hard the situation or how deep you fall into slump. You don’t have to tell them how awful you felt yet they know the best way to comfort you. That’s the beauty of family.
my lovely and supportive parent (abah & mak)

my siblings! from left: me, elder brother, younger sister, elder sister, younger brother

Why I love myself? There are lots of reasons to love yourselves. Why hating? For me, I love myself for being bold of what I like or not. My expression says it all whenever I love or hating something. The good thing about this is my close colleague know well when I am making frown face that’s show how I dislike certain things. Sounds funny right? But people who merely know me will have difficulties in interpreting my expression.

my school classmates during form 4 (KUSISS 2009)

Best mates (Batch 13 KUSISS)

I was known to my friends as a cheerful and bright person. Well, behind this personality, there is downright about me. Actually I am quite hot-tempered person. Egoist.  Easily influenced by emotion. 
When I am mad, I totally ignore everyone and stay in silence. Hmm.. By having this personality, I often break people heart in past. 
I still remember when I was 18 years old, I studied in Selangor Matriculation College. During that time, I was involved in a big cold fight with my beloved friend and we didn’t talk for long period. It was because of my ego. Then we finally make up on one fine day. Alhamdulillah. 
Some of my close friends at Selangor Matriculation College
Then as I am getting older and getting mature, this bad attitude change. It changes upon time. As I remembered, during my first year in UPM, this bad attitude of mine still not making any progress to change. Then I met up few persons which eventually change me bit by bit. I still stay silence whenever I’m mad, but the period of silence did not took a long time. I may get mad for about an hour or less depending on situation. That is one big thing that makes me really love myself. Thank you for progressing well Aisyah! You did great! And also, I would like to thanks and appreciate whoever stayed besides me even they know how bad my attitude was. Even when I write this, I remembering the past that really changes me eventhough I don’t want to remember the past, somehow it was a lesson learnt by me in life, about life.
Best buddy at UPM since first year!

Thank you for being understanding of everything

crazy coursemates. Biogen 12/16 Faculty of Science UPM

I just live for only 23 years and there are lots to learn about life. Everyone experience ups and downs in life. It is normal. It easy to just talk how you need to move on but in reality, it is hard to move on. You may take some time to be able to do that. Everything happens for reason. We are not always sailing a smooth path it may be rough sometimes.

Seek happiness in this beautiful moment of life. Even my name (Aisyah) means ‘live happily’. So I need to be happy for being me and be happy because the entire period our life is very beautiful despite how tough it may be.
I remember one inspirational quote by my favorite singer, RapMonster of BTS ( A Korean hiphop group). He said that:

 “Happiness is not something that you have to achive, you can still feel happy during the process of achieving something.”

RapMonster of BTS. This is really inspirational! 

I need to enjoy beautiful moment of my life, my youth, appreciating myself, keep looking forward for better future.

Dear aisyah, keep on going, life is not something to be wasted. Thank you for loving yourselves and also always love people around you. Good deeds pay. And always smile!
Last but not least, I really recommend you guys this song; Tomorrow by BTS (BangtanSonyeondan). A really good song that drive you to keep forward and never give up! 
Do click link below! (credit to owner)

Thank you..


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